Two features that can help brands to come closer to their consumers

The year 2017 has its own set of opportunities and challenges for brands. In order to get the best results, firms need to use newly introduced technology to connect with the customers. This is the reason; more and more companies are adapting live video option as well as the online chat option to connect with consumers and to create the bond of trust.

Live video option offers better way to connect

These days, media publishers, as well as advertisers, are exploiting the opportunities offered by live video innovation. According to Facebook, people spend three times more time watching live videos compared to the time that they spend in watching recorded video clips. Such live videos offer better authenticity and allow consumers to be a part of the brand’s community.

Besides Facebook, even Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat live videos are reporting millions of views every hour.

Not just brands, but even celebrities and journalists are opting to go live without real guidelines and script in place these days. There is a certain percentage of risk involved of course because celebrities may end up saying something that can be perceived as off-brand.

Customers just love such real-time experience offered by live video options. Thus, marketers should adapt this technology in order to take their brand one step ahead.

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Adapting online messaging and online chat options

No doubt that call centers, as well as in-person store help, are most preferred ways to offer customer service. But, companies are slowly adapting new ways to reach customers. Online messaging apps and chat are slowly emerging to compete with call centers.

According to a study conducted by ATG Global Consumer Trend, online chat option is preferred by customers as its waiting time is lesser than call center’s waiting time. Customers do not have to go through a maze of questions like in the case of 1-800 numbers. Plus, they can multi-task while chatting or waiting in the queue.

The concerned study pointed out that 90 percent of the people who participated in the study thought that online chat was an extremely helpful option. As many as 63 percent of the participants also said that they would prefer to buy something from a website that offers chat option.