SC Rhinoplasty Surgeons In Columbia Make It Super Easy and Lightning Fast For You!

Rhinoplasty is the cosmetic surgery of correcting or improving the appearance of the nose. It is done to improve nasal-facial beauty as well as to correct breathing problems. The common term for Rhinoplasty is nose surgery or nose job. In a nose job, surgeons can make remarkable changes to one’s nose to suit one’s requirements. They can change the shape and size of the nose, make modifications to the tip of the nose, remove a hump, even narrow the width of the nostrils. If your nose is the reason for your low self-esteem and you want a perfect match between your nose and your face, you need to make an appointment with Columbia, SC Rhinoplasty surgeons who are the best in the world.

All About the Surgery In A Nutshell –

It is better to do Rhinoplasty after an age of 15 because, by the time, your nose would have fully grown and taken its complete shape.

  • Columbia, SC Rhinoplasty surgeons take a couple of hours to get the nose job done.
  • In closed Rhinoplasty, surgical cuts are made to the inside of the nose.
  • In open Rhinoplasty, a surgical is made on the nose between the nostrils along with the inside cuts.
  • After the cuts, the bone and the cartilage are exposed and they are tweaked to give the required shapes.
  • General anesthesia or local anesthesia is used and it is absolutely painless.

Columbia, SC Rhinoplasty

What’s Next After The Surgery?

  • A splint will be there in the nose which will be removed within a week along with stitches.
  • Medication will be prescribed for any initial pain or discomfort on the nose.
  • The nose could bleed a little and stay swelled for two weeks.
  • One can go back to work within two weeks but needs to avoid sunburn or any hit on the nose.

Should You Go For Rhinoplasty?

Every surgical operation has certain potential risks. In the case of Rhinoplasty, some of those rear complications can be an infection, unforeseen anesthesia reaction, more time for recovery and likewise. But these are extremely rear cases.

If you are not happy with your nose making your face look unimpressive, you can opt for it and remarkably improve your appearance. It will boost your self-confidence and you can impress anyone with your facial beauty. If you have a breathing problem or had an accident, you have no choice but to do it to restore your normal breathing process and the original facial construct to live a healthy life again.

But you cannot have out of the world expectations. A computerized image of how your face might look like will be provided for you to decide whether it matches your expectations or not. Thank you.