Make use of the guide to grab your Pokemon easily

Without knowing the complete information no one can play this Pokemon go as well. Some terms should be known to rescue and fight against some imaginary creatures. Some are likely to be friendly and some may discussing. So learn about the Pokemon’s and start hunting as easily. Restrictions will be applying for some cheats and hacks. Starting with Poke ball, will be used to catch the Pikachu’s. Poke shops will be available to collect and buy some necessary items. By shopping more items, your avatar can level up faster. Pokestop, the place where you can win awards and bonus points for just an entry. A blue circle will guide you to collect the necessary trade items for your game when you are nearer to Poke shop.

How PokeDex works?

Usually Pokemon’s need more stamina when compared to your Avatar. Before that, Poke Dex will be provided by pokemon go teams. They also provided the Pokemon GO apk without any restrictions. By using this Poke Dex, you can manage and view then entire way to get ride for your Pokemon’s. But you can’t catch it, it’s just to know where it is. By making use of the Poke Ball, Pokemon’s will be captured and arrested.

Visit a gym for Pokemon:

Yes, your Pokemon have to visit the gym often to gain more stamina. It may be funny, but it’s a rule of Pokemon go. Training will be provided first before rest it for hunting. If your Pokemon completes the 1st level, then only it can step ahead to the next level. But some versions of Pokemon GO apk and cheats are available to level up faster without accessing gyms.

Collect candy and coins:

If a Pokemon was caught by you, some candies will be rewarded. As per the number of Pokemon catches, number of candies will be rewarded. Some pokemon go hacks will collect huge candies without catching the Pokemon’s. Apart from playing, you can leave your Pokemon for trade. As like a business, you can earn some coins by trading.  Another option is to leave your Pokemon in a gym for the full day will gain more number of coins. These are the strategies to play the Pokemon game effectively. By gaining the extra knowledge about the game Pokemon GO with the help of Guide, you can be as the top rated hunter of Pokemon’s in the Pokemon GO game.