The most common health problems in dog

It is to be noted that almost all the dog owners consider dogs as their best companion. And this is the reason why they tend to show more care and attention on them. But even though they put more effort to take care of their dog’s health, there are some health problems which are more common among these pets. These ... Read More »

Emotional support animals at your service

Emotional support animals are those which are prescribed by the medical expert in order to get out of the emotionally depressed state of mind. This is very effective therapy and people get benefited from this very efficiently. Emotional support animals tend to change your mental condition in positive direction and you will get the emotional boost from this treatment, you ... Read More »

The Most Popular Small Dog Breeds

In today’s society, there is a developing trend for small dogs. With such a variety of different breeds it’s difficult to monitor every one of them. There are even cross breeds now, for example, the Bassetoodle, Boxerdoodle, Airedoodle and the Chi-Poo which is half Chihuahua half Poodle. We will talk about this craze and the most popular of the small ... Read More »