Caring your baby cannot be as easier as ever!

Looking after the baby while you’re busy working on your scheduled tasks has been a hectic task. For this reason, moms tend to leave the child at one place, to perform her other functions at home. One way to address the situation is by placing the baby in a rock-and-play sleeper.

A rock-and-play sleeper is a hammock-like baby holder built into a frame allowing it to swing. Tilted at about 30 degree, the infant is contained in a pouch-like position. This is ideal for babies who often demand to be lifted. The sleeper could then serve as a bouncy seat for the little ones.

The kind of cloth used in the rock-and-play sleeper contributes to the coziness of the item. Some manufacturers use gizmo cloth while others prefer cotton which feels more comfortable in any weather condition. Knowing that babies have sensitive skin, mommies should be able to identify which material best fits their babies’ needs.

Some rock-and-play sleepers already have accessories such as built-in soothing songs, lights, and hanging fun clacker toys appropriately designed for babies. Not only that it captures the child’s attention and distracts him or her to call mom, it also stimulates the child’s perception of colors which is an advantage in his mental development.

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A good rock-and-play sleeper should have at least two positions: recline and upright. This will be beneficial for babies who already outgrow quickly into toddlers. The holder could then serve as a playtime seat-all-in-one for infancy stage while a rocking chair for the toddler stage.

This portable sleeper provides convenience for moms especially in traveling. Not only that it consumes a very little area, it provides a cozy and secured space for baby to sleep all night long.

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