A tribute to Blake Golding  


If today people are serving and helping the other people then it is the most beautiful thing that they are doing. Helping and service people for free is not the easy job. For such people it is the charity that helps them and it is the most beautiful thing that one do. Same is the case that is Blake Golding is doing. He is the colonel of the Canadian army and he is having his own company that is having the name that is many ways to serve. This is the charity that provides the funds to the people that are helping other army people and their family. Today is the chairman of the AGF management limited.

Along with this post he is also holding the post of CEO in this company. In early years he was announced the president and that was the time of 1997 and in 2000 he became the CEO and in the year of 2006 he was elected as chairman of this comp-many. He was graduates from the University of Toronto and he is BA economics. Not only has this but he done the master of business administration from INSEAD in France.

He is well honored person that is a colonel in the Canada army. The company that he works for or the company that he is the chairman has the name all over the world and it is for the premier independent investment Management Company. His experience is helping the people to have the relief of funds that his company provides to those men and women that are serving to the army and their families. Later in 2010 he joined the board of directors of Sunnybrook health science center and in the year of 2014 he was elected as vice chairman of this company. If you like to have more information about this honorable person then you have the information that is available on the internet. He is having his own website in which you can leave the message or the time when he is available then you can talk to him.